Listen to Valitus by Ember Days

My last post was a diss on hipster millenial Christians, thought I’d make amends by recommending the labours of what could be a considered Hipster-ish.

Ember Days are a band with 5 albums, 2 which I like, the rest are think are just ok. The first of my favourite is a [almost entirely] instrumental EP titled, Finger Painting. The other is their latest, Valitus, which according to the band’s site is:

a Finnish word that Wiktionary defines as: “A moan, groan, wailing, lament

What I like about Ember days are: the fact that they are unashamedly and authentically emo, the band’s sound is not a secular derivative, they are clearly accomplished musicians in their own rights and not failed rock stars moonlighting as a worship band.

Although I prefer my religious music lyrically heavy and if I had my way, Sunday worship will be a hymns only affair, but Ember days achieve a rare feat of pairing simple lyrics with excellent instrumentals without sounding like a christianised version of an early Justin Beiber singing:

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, oh
Thought you’ll always be mine

I might have reservations of the content of the album being sung in corporate worship at my local church, but if I wandered into a new community of young-ish believers trying to find new ways of connecting with God and heard this, I’d happily come back. The attempt of the tattoed, ripped jeans generation at taking the arts seriously, rather than cheaply imitating secular patterns is a welcome trend and should be nurtured and matured rather than ostracized and condemned. Ember Days’ Valitus is a prime example such positive hipsterism.


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