A Prophetic Message for 2016

2015 is gone and 2016 has now on us like IRS and celebrities, so here’s to you Ms Hill, I see you too Mr Snipes.

  1. This 2016 I declare that the Lord will be with you just has He was last year and the year before, may he never take a day off on you, let alone the whole of 2016.
  2. This 2016 may you get more blessings by junk mail, so don’t forget like last year to forward it on to all your Facebook friends who are probably now getting sick of your silly messages.
  3. This 2016 may you hoard more and forget that so called blessings are not to be held on to as perilous belongings that might threaten a soul and having them does not exactly mean God’s general state of Honky Dorry-ness with thee.
  4. This 2016 may you know the plans that God has for your life, even if away in exile and crying out to him – “how long O Lord“. May He reply to you from the whirlwind that the answer to the ‘why’ is because he can, nevertheless, He has a plan for your life and remains a good God.
  5. I pray this 2016 will not be easy for you, but even through the hard days that you will still be able to confess the omnipotence of God which in due time he will prove to you, though He may tarry.
  6. I declare that this year will be the year of cheap train tickets because child tickets are not only for those below the age of 16, but also (and especially) for the “children” of God.

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