On Sundays and Calendars

Yesterday was Sunday. Christians gather together on Sunday and have done so since the resurrection of Jesus, this day has marked the start of new beginnings. Questions about why Christians should change the Sabbath from a Saturday to Sunday, especially as denied by our Seventh-day Adventists brothers does not pay closer attention to the significance of the Resurrection in salvation history and the celebration of its fact by Christians.Aztec Calendar vs Oreo Cookie The new Covenant ratified by this event also necessitates the restructuring of our calendars just like we rethink the patterns of life and remeasure the seasons around dates with particular significance. For example, 3 members of my family have birthdays about a week apart, starting from 16th then 22nd and 29th of November, when the last of these Birthdays occur, our family knows we are now just over 3 weeks away from Christmas. September for most is also the beginning of the year, not January, since most families that move cities do so before or in this month. This is because the school year begins in September, University Students move into their shared houses and dorms in September and thus marking the beginning of the end of their teenage years and the dawning of Adulthood.

In the pearl by Steinbeck, we hear a story of a couple (with a small child) who find a pearl of great worth and decide to sell it. Hear how Steinbeck describes the day they decided to take the pearl into town to sell:

“For Kino and Juana this was the morning of mornings of their lives, comparable only to the day when the baby had been born. This was to be the day from which all other days would take their arrangement. Thus they would say, “it was two years before we sold the pearl” or, “it was six weeks after we sold the pearl.” 

Christians gather on Sunday to celebrate an event, one that marks a new beginning, a day from which all other days would take their arrangement, the beginning of the week.

On the back of this, much more can said about Liturgical Calendars and their use to measure the shape and rhythm of the life of Christians together , but then again I’m not an Anglican !


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