#BristolxChurches [0]

I have always been struck by how many Church Buildings there are in Bristol; some still actively in use, some disused or converted for various other purposes, others barely still alive with diminishing numbers attending Sunday Worship leaving the Building itself opening only on a few special occasions.

Previously, I had mentioned this here, but now as an amateur photographer – walking around with my phone which has an absolutely amazing camera – I find myself taking pictures of these Buildings and have now decided to document them mostly on my Instagram account (username – mayowa_adebiyi) with the hashtag #BristolxChurches (although this will inevitably include surrounding areas and places technically not in Bristol)

I will try to include a little bit of information on each building as possible, the purpose of which is to lament the loss of such religious activity in the City. This isn’t a pity party you’re being invited to, but rather; a recounting of past faithfulness, a prayer for renewed vigour and hope for a return to the rock from which you were hewn. This is something of an apologetic for the Christian faith, as I feel that this as an argument isn’t one that is usually utilised by those who do our contention for us. The relative success of the West owes a lot to a Religion that gave it such illogical ideas as – all men are made in the image of God. Meaning they are of equal worth, whether PM or PM i.e. Prime Minister or Post-Man. If Athanasius can employ the argument of the number of Gentiles that have turn to the Christian faith (an argument which was valid in his time) why can’t there then be the argument of a Nation’s Christian heritage also be valid for our day.

And so we should lament this loss, yet pray:

Restore us to yourself, O Lord, that we may be restored !
Renew our days as of old – 
unless you have utterly rejected us,
and remain exceedingly angry with us – Lamentations 5:21 – 22

2015 Mission Video #3: Grace Church Bristol from Sovereign Grace Churches on Vimeo.


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