Helmut Thielicke’s Advice

Big Clothes
© Grafvision | Dreamstime.comPreschooler Boy Photo

There are a few Podcasts I subscribe and listen to, one of which I happen to have stumbled upon whilst trying to get some help in understanding Heidegger, and Gadamer – in relation to him. I will be posting the resulting essay soon and maybe a list of interesting Podcasts as well (no promises on the last one, just in case it never materialises).

Anyway, The Christian Humanist Podcast – Episode 28.1 – really helped with my essay at the time and I kept listening to Nathan Gilmour, Michael Farmer and David Grubbs talk me whilst sleeping, painting the garden fence and eating breakfast. And I did until they broke up for summer – Sad times. Among what gets discussed are classic books and I have found myself reading some of their recommendations, one of which was Hermut Thielicke’s A little Exercise for Young Theologians, which I later ordered, read and enjoyed.

Since I am starting a Theology Course soon, the advice in that little book is now to be applied. Below is a quote from Thielicke’s book from the aforementioned Podcast that I (they) found funny.

“There is a hiatus between the arena of the young theologian’s actual spiritual growth and what he already knows intellectually about this arena. So to speak, he has been fitted, like a country boy, with breeches that are too big, into which he must still grow up in the same way that one who is to be confirmed must also still grow into the long trousers of Catechism. Meanwhile, they hang loosely around his body, and this ludicrous sight of course is not beautiful” Pg 10 


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