Update: Apologies for a break

Service here has been slow since January, so slow we’ve crawled to a halt until now. Reasons being:

1. Things have been a little unstable.

2. I have nothing to write.

3. I am lazy.

Plenty more reasons but it seems these are the top three, surely everyone who has attempted to write can relate.

Another reason is that I do not seem to know what to do with this blog, what to write about and how to maintain output/frequency. There is however another crippling fear though at times it seems to be a wise restraint , confirmed from more seasoned writers.

The fears are along the lines of motivation. A need for a public affirmation of what I perceive to be gifts, though it might earn me notable mention on the gag real of X-factor type rejects because “mum told me I was special”. The second of the same stripe is not adding another voice to an already loud Internet. I know that I’m not wise enough and if anything of substance has to be written, time is needed to think through what is to be said, time though is not really something you get that much of on the internet, a world of double screen (tweet and watch), hot button topics get cold by the time you gather your thoughts.

Burying can appear brave but then again Jesus warned against that too. So, head first, Geronimo. I am going to try to keep this up, knowing fully well that I might fail at it.

Also, getting a place at Trinity College Bristol I’m hoping will fuel a better output.


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