Who will save us from the Blob?

Most will agree there is something wrong with the British Education System the same way all will agree that rum and raisin Ice-cream is disgusting. The Chinese do though, i.e. think there is something wrong with the British Education System (not sure of their opinion on rum and raisin Ice-cream). Thanks to my license fee contribution, the beeb aired that Documentary last night about the British Education System, asking, “Are Our Kids tough enough?“.

Attempts at Reform so far has failed thanks to the problem with liberal democracy or illiberal democracy, since it, how its supposed to work isn’t really working just as the Education System. Following the law doesn’t always mean following the Law when head and hearts don’t meet and systems gamed, excellent sheep reared on the conveyor belt of the system. Welcome to the world as it is not supposed to be. Anyway, Gove tried and failed because 5 years is not long enough to make lasting change and as long as Politicians keep playing the game to stay in the game, we will still be singing the same songs, maybe with a different beat but written by the same hit factory team. Ramming changes through however desperately you like to see them through does not work, it alienates people and loses you friends.

The System has been imprisoned by the blob, says Toby Young, if you don’t already get the reference. This is a great book or pamphlet if you prefer, I’ll thoroughly recommend it. Watching the documentary last night, I turned to my house-mate and we both agreed on my comment – “the Chinese System is not Chinese, it is British”. What gives me the right to say that is the fact that I am a Colonial Kid, matter of fact without even being educated in a Commonwealth country, I would have still essentially had a British Education, only to arrive on British soil at the age of 15 to find that a British Education was no longer there like enjoying Colombian Coffee so much but on your travel to the Country itself finding the stuff replaced by freeze dried alternatives.

Societal breakdown is also partly to blame, not just the Blob. Like every other problem though, the issue is also theological, Original Sin remains a reality whether or not we cease to believe in it.

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