Five Views on Biblical Inerrancy

5 (Brass number)

Editors: James R.A. Merrick &  Stephen M. Garrett
Contributors: R. Albert Mohler, Jr, Peter E. Enns, Michael F. Bird, Kevin J. Vanhoozer, John R. Franke , Stanley N. Gundry
Books like this pass or fail depending on how the editors pull together different viewpoints into a coherent whole. Not that the editors of single author books are not important, they are just even more with multiple authors and when the content is in the context of a debate over such an important issue.
The contributors bring their A-Game to this rap battle of a book, hilarious punch lines are constantly slung at each other, example from Michael F. Bird on Peter Enns below:
“Enns’ views on Scripture and inerrancy have courted more controversy than Kim Kardashian’s attending a Jihadists-for-Jesus Fundraiser” (Pg 124)
Mohler is at his combative best with Enns bearing the brunt of his heaviest criticism whilst vehemently defending CSBI.
After taking a breather from the ride, points tallied, Vanhoozer comes out top with a view he calls Augustinian inerrancy, John Franke commends him by saying that “he has a marvelous way of challenging many aspects of the status quo, while remaining in good standing with most of the evangelical community. That is a gift” (pg 253)
Mohler engages mostly in rherotic and largely fails to engage with the objections raised by his interlocutors. Although his conservative stance against fierce opposition (Peter Enns) is commendable.
Peter Enns who has just written the much maligned, “The bible tells me so”, espouses a Christologically disastrous ( Michael F. Bird pg 125) incarnational view of scripture which has us treating the scripture as we do our knowledge of God which comes to us in accommodated form, incomplete and incommensurable. All we have are metaphors.
Overall this was an excellent read and again was made so by the editors who like a good moderator of a live debate ensured that the contributing authors stuck to the topic at hand.

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