Why Unscientific

To call this blog unscientific whilst attaching to it a main topic of God and Theology appears to be intentionally inviting derision for being irrational in my thinking, especially because to the secularised, contemporary mind all thinking alluding to the divine, metaphysical or religious is guilty of being void of reason simply by association.
Brazenly dancing with the goat (strange Yoruba Proverb) you’re accused of stealing in this case is not an admission of guilt or wrongdoing. True Religion or metaphysics is not irrelevant like 21st century Man will want to claim, the absence of the right thinking of all that cannot be measured in a lab is a deadly scourge of this age. Nothing can finally be made sense of in the absence of God, under the sun everything is Vain and pointless (Eccles 1:1  2:11) or to give it a philosophical name, Nihilism is our only viable option. Yet some will still want to deny the plain truth, wanting to create purpose ex nihilo. Kierkegaard saw this when he said:

“If there were no eternal consciousness in a man, if at the bottom of everything there were only a wild ferment, a power that twisting in dark passions produced everything great or inconsequential; if an unfathomable, insatiable emptiness lay hid beneath everything, what would life be but despair?”

To continue then on the Kierkegaardian path, unscientific refers also in another sense, to a passionate pursuit of Truth rather than a cold acceptance of hard facts, the subjective appropriation of all True knowledge is a noble cause that finds its culmination in the knowing of God himself, therefore He came Incarnate, clothed in human flesh (John 1:18) so all will be left with no excuses (Acts 17:20). We cannot however know God wholly and completely, neither can we know all that He has done (Ecclesiates 3:11). However, there are a myriad of things He has made us privy to, which we can rightly discern through God’s natural revelation to us. Though I wish to not name science by name the same way the first book of the Bible refuses to mention any of the Egyptian or near eastern gods by name. The greater light and the lesser light was created and not the sun, in order to avoid any allusions to Yahweh merely being another one of the gods or having a place similar to Zeus, He alone is God, seeks neither advice nor approval from any. He ontologically occupies a place that cannot be ascribed to any other. Science, then must be put rightly in its place and I’m using the term in its current understanding, rather than an medieval sense, meaning knowledge. Our knowing cannot be considered to be final nor can it ever be complete, we pile them on like Jenga pieces, if one is misplaced the whole system can and must fall to pieces, causing us to start over again.

Which brings me to another sense of which I use the term ‘unscientific’, meaning incomplete. Omniscience is not something man can ever attain, God in his inscrutable wisdom has not made this one of his attributes communicable to us, so I rest instead in being fully known (1 Corinthians 13:12) knowing that the questions that my mind cannot finally answer will not matter much when I finally behold his face. Therefore all of our striving then is a heavy task that he has giving us to do, there is no end to knowledge, wisdom does not find its teleological end except in God (Ecclesiastes 1:13).

At this point I feel like I must make a few counterpoints, caveats that will not allow me to be pushed into a fully postmodern thinking. All of the predominant stance on both the Modern and our current Postmodern period have their errors. My stance is Van Tillian, by this I mean that what God has said has the final sway, I unashamedly hold to this, His special revelation has the rightful authoritative place in all of my thinking and is judged according to the Bible.

Also, although I admit that I might be sometimes wrong in my thinking either due to my natural limitations in what I can know or due to wrong biases that I must rid myself of. I do not however aim to not say anything with false a sense of humility, humility serves like Christ does. On this basis then, I will not be forced to apologise for any views that I hold just because someone feels offended by them – it is a childish trick played on the unsuspecting.Finally, this blog is called unscientific because of my previous occupation as an Engineer, since I have now quit this line of work, this blog represents my thinking outside of this realm. I used to blog on a site called Developing Engineers which can be found here.

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