God’s undertaker. Has science buried God – John Lennox

Week 7 Book Report

Content wise, Lennox discusses the philosophical underpinnings of science that most scientists do not realise due to their utter ignorance/disdain of philosophy which lead a figure like Dawkins to write his undergrad level philosophical book ‘delusion’. Such an extreme overreach by his particular brand of Scientism, claims that everything can be explained by its materialistic methodology which has a prior commitment to ruling out God at all cost even when the evidence staring at you right in the face screams out for him.

Week 5 Book Report

As you would expect, Dawkins – whom Lennox has debated – features a lot and most of Uncle Rich’s arguments are reduced to just plain rhetoric with no sound or valid argumentation in his favour. A fair bit of attention is obviously dedicated to Evolution and the Author’s doubts of it which is refreshing to hear from a British Scholar, this is something I only seem to hear from Americans or maybe the dissenters over there are generally more vocal. The religious nature of today’s science where “like the religious heretics of a former age they (Scientists) may suffer a form of martyrdom by the cutting off of their grants” is partly to blame for a lack of showing in the British anti-Darwinian front.

The humanities, specifically Philosophy of science is a subject that should be made compulsory for all would be Scientists in order for them to shake off their methodological shackles and to stop the current bickering by the two disciplines. Lennox recognises the limits of Science, its inadequacy at answering ultimate questions.


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