A World of Difference: Putting Christian Truth-Claims to the Worldview Test by Kenneth Richard Samples

Week two Book Report

This book starts every chapter with the author recounting his brush with death, mid-life through cancer. His recounting in the last chapter has this:

“…but whether I lived or died my Christian beliefs indeed made a world of difference” (Page 266)

This is quite befitting for the third and final part of the book dedicated to analysing Christianity’s competing Worldviews according the 9 tests set out in the first third . The 9 are namely: Coherence, Balance, Explanatory Power & Scope, Correspondence, Verification, Practicality, Liveability, Diversity of support and Competitive Competence (Page 32).

I was able to mostly skim read the second part of the book because it deals with the Christian Worldview from a generally agreeable perspective -what C.S Lewis will call mere Christiandom. The Section on the Apostle’s Creed and Trinity was of special interest and highlighted to me my need to read the classic book by that brilliant dead guy – Aurelius Augustinus Hipponensis (a.k.a St Augustine)- called ‘De Trinitae – On the Trinity’.

The Worldview theory, as established by the author in the first part of the book was then applied to almost every other competitor in the third part with the Christian view treated last as already mentioned above. The Big Bad Isms and the other major religions – Naturalism, Postmordernism, Pantheistic Monism and Islam– are helpfully analysed for us to see where the logical holes in them are essentially dwelling.

There is however a problem I have with this book. It reads like a textbook, which makes it a good book but not a great one. It had big shoes to fill after the first week’s reading.

I will undoubtedly keep coming back to what was said in it to look through the helpful grid which the Author presented as essential in looking under hood of other Belief Systems, some of which people don’t even know they adhere to.


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