Total Truth: Liberating Christianity from Its Cultural Captivity by Nancy Pearcey

Week one Book Report

Firstly I’d like to say that this was a colossal book ! The author in my opinion has completely accomplished what she set out to do. There are long books that should be shorter, this wastes no space whatsoever. The ‘seeing everything else, C.S Lewis quote describes quite succinctly the whole aim of the book.

The primary question the author answers is the one of whether Christianity is truth, truths or Truth. She draws a lot from Francis Schaeffer, especially the classic book, Escape from reason and its two-tiered story system by which the ‘where’ various competing world-views have gone wrong. It also the uses the classic biblical meta-narrative idea of creation, fall and redemption to prove the point that these competing view too have a religious account of how the world works.

You might then ask yourself. Can we really set out a distinctively Christian framework of everything? If in doubt that the answer to this question is in the affirmative then ask yourself this, if we leave out a space, what then do we fill it with. Naturally the spirit of the age provides for us a ready alternative. For example on page 209 in a section titled ‘Evolution for Everyman’, we are shown how the theory has been applied to every sphere of life – Economics, Morality, Altruism, Sex and Sex-education, Education. This is because as humans we were created to worship, only question is what altar shall we bow, will our sacrifices be presented to secularism or Christ.

Now Christians through the ages have sought to intermarry ideas. Here’s a quote from page 304.

“For example, Campbell and his colleagues never quite saw that in addition to being Disciples of Christ they also had become disciples of Baconian empiricism”

There she shows the Schizophrenic state Christians inadvertently find themselves in.

Now on whether or not we can agree on what exactly this Christian world-view looks like, one thing we cannot not do is agree that there is such a thing as a Christian world-view because to do that is to fall for the relativistic, postmordernist crap. Sorry, I meant trap.

The doctrine of perspicuity of scripture can help us out with this. Scripture is saying something, yes we can agree there are at times nuances in interpretation. The way Christians historically have sought to get consensus on issues has been through the councils, because they did believe there was such thing as Truth.



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